The Case of the Mixed-Case Tags

I accidentally discovered the “feature” that Tinkerer tags are somewhat case-sensitive.


I sometimes write about LaTeX. On one post, I got lazy and typed the tag for it as latex, while on another, I capitalized it correctly as LaTeX.

To make this post into an example of the behavior, I am tagging it EXAMPLE. I’ve added the tag example to my first post.


Both the uppercase and lowercase versions of the tag appear in the tags listing in the right sidebar. However, clicking either capitalization will take you to That tag listing will only show the posts tagged with the lowercase spelling of the tag name being viewed.

The Gotcha

If all the posts with a given tag use the same capitalization, they will all appear on the tag’s page. To see this in action, look at the test tag listing at This is the only post with that tag, so all posts tagged with any capitalization of “test” have the same tag, so all of them show up on that page.

However, if I were to tag another post test, this post would cease appearing on the test tag page. This behavior is probably wrong, but what would one do about it – preserve case into the tag display page URLs?

In Conclusion

Be aware that Tinkerer modifies your tag names. Make sure you capitalize each tag the same way on every post, or the posts with a spelling which deviates from all lower-case may get lost.