20 HabitRPG levels in 5 days

I’ve been having fun with HabitRPG lately, and discovered this One Neat Trick:


Checklists, at least the way I’ve been using them, are obscenely overpowered. I’ll have a medium-difficulty to-do, break it down into a dozen sub-tasks (because that’s what I usually do on to-do lists when I’m procrastinating), get them all checked off, and then reap a level and a half worth of XP.

According to that wiki page,

Experience gain is determined by an algorithm from HabitRPG, which tracks how consistently a player completes a given task.

Cute theory. The thing is, I’ve never gotten more than maybe 20 XP from a habit or daily (the only types of tasks for which consistency makes sense as a metric), but I regularly get over 100 XP for the completion of a sufficiently detailed checklist.

Annoyingly, the wiki doesn’t point out where the relevant algorithm lives in the code. I’ve asked on IRC about how to find it, but for now, just try this:

  1. Make a to-do of a task that you’ll have to do today.
  2. Add a checklist to the task, breaking it down into 8 or more necessary sub-items.
  3. Accomplish your task, check each item, then check the main checkbox beside its title.
  4. PROFIT!!

This is also really broken in the amount of damage it does against bosses. I was cleaning my room yesterday with the checklist method and ticked maybe 20 HabitRPG checkboxes (emptied and discarded about 4 largeish cardboard boxes and 2 garbage bags of stuff I no longer need, so I don’t think I’m unfairly inflating points here), and look at this:


That’s a lot of damage to the boss. The calculator I used was this awesome site, in case you haven’t discovered it yet.

I’m a rogue, with all my points in INT as per the guide on the subject! I’m not supposed to be able to hit things very hard! Sure, I’m level 25 right now with a perfect day bonus from yesterday, but my stats still aren’t too great:


tl;dr: I scored a bunch of points in a silly game and conclucluded that it must be broken.