Beyond Openhatch

Update: I’m now maintaining the issue aggregator list at

OpenHatch is a wonderful place to help new contributors find their first open source issues to work on. Their training materials are unparalleled, and the “projects submit easy bugs with mentors” model makes their list of introductory issues reliably high-quality.

However, once you know the basics of how to engage with an open source project, you’re no longer in the target audience for OpenHatch’s list. Where should you look for introductory issues when you want to get involved with a new project, but you’re already familiar with open source in general?

An excellent slide deck by Josh Matthews contains several answers to this question:

  • scrapes GitHub by labels and language
  • up-for-grabs has an opt-in list of projects looking for new contributors, and scrapes their issue trackers for their “jump in”, “up for grabs” or other “new contributors welcome” tags.
  • If you’re looking for Mozilla-specific contributions outside of just code, What can I do for Mozilla? can help direct you into any of Mozilla’s myriad opportunities for involvement.

Additionally, the servo-starters page has a custom view of easy issues sorted by Servo’s project-specific tags.

GitHub Tricks

If you’re looking for open issues across all repos owned by a particular user or organization, you can use the search at and specify the “user” (or org) in the search bar. For instance, this search will find all the unassigned, easy-tagged issues in the rust-lang org. Breaking down the search:

  • user:rust-lang searches all repos owned by It could also be someone’s github username.
  • is:open searches only open issues.
  • no:assignee will filter out the issues which are obviously claimed. Note that some issues without an assignee set may still have a comment saying “I’ll do this!”, if it was claimed by a user who did not have permissions to set assignees and then not triaged.
  • label:E-Easy uses my prior knowledge that most repos within rust-lang annotate introductory bugs with the E-easy tag. When in doubt, check the file at the top level in the org’s most popular repository for an explanation of what various issue labels mean. If that information isn’t in the contributing file or the README, file a bug!

Am I missing your favorite introductory issue aggregator? Shoot me an email to (fill in the blank with anything; the email will get to me) with a link, and I’ll add it here if it looks good!