One free ticket to Rust Camp

UPDATE: The ticket has been claimed by a local student! Thanks everyone for helping boost the signal about this.

Right now, there are 11 tickets being given away by community members to help women and minorities attend Rust Camp.

I have one spare ticket, which I got for a friend who ended up having other commitments on the day of the conference. I would like to give this ticket to someone who would otherwise be unable to attend Rust Camp, regardless of whether or not they’re a minority. To maximize the amount of impact that all our free tickets have, I’d ask that anyone qualified for one of Graydon’s tickets appeal to him first, so that the ticket I’m giving away can help someone who wouldn’t have another option to attend.

I also happen to have a voucher from United Airlines for $500 worth of flights, so if you could not attend Rust Camp without travel assistance within that amount, let me know.

To recap: Are you a Rust community member who couldn’t attend without a sponsored ticket? Are you unable to get another free ticket? Send me an email, rustcamp at Since I’m relatively new to the community and don’t really know who’s who yet, I’d love to see a link or two to your involvement with Rust – a blog post, tweet, GitHub project, StackOverflow question/answer, or anything else. I’ll update or take down this post once the ticket has been claimed.